Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HDR Photography with Photomatix, and the Canyon de Chelly

HDR  photography has changed the way we can  record the world. The human eye is very sensitive, and when we view  a scene we can see the shadows and the highlights. Film and sensors of modern DSLR have a much narrower range than what we see and this can be disappointing when we view the pictures later. The sky is blown out or the foreground is to dark. High Dynamic  Range,is
a combination of 3 or more images, at 3 or more exposures. This is usually done with one at normal exposure and one each, 1 or 2 stops above and below. These are combined in one of many softwares, I prefer Photomatix. This image was taken at about 1:00 with the sun high in the sky, which blew out the light places in the rock and ruins in the cave where completely dark. HDR brought out details in both and allowed for a photo that is closer to what I saw.


  1. This is one of your most gorgeous pictures!

  2. I use Photomatix also. You did an beautiful job on this.

  3. Rick, this is wild!! I see those ruins and all of it looks surreal.... actually I see the top of a neanderthal with some hair in the rocks. You know your photography but some of your statement is going over my head!! This is awesome...